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  • Our most affordable option for personalized legal help. Coaching appointments start at $220, depending on where your income falls on our sliding scale tiered pricing.
  • No sign-up fee, no monthly fee, and no termination fee! Simply pay for coaching help when you need it.
  • The direct scheduling link provided to you will allow you to self-schedule and pay for coaching help when you need it.
  • Our legal coaches can recommend specific legal strategies, help you find court forms, share legal guides, and teach you how to represent yourself.
  • Coaching services available throughout Oregon.

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To get started with our pay-as-you-go coaching services, click the "Get started here" button. After you provide us with basic information about yourself and your legal case, our client relations team will review your information to make sure you're eligible for our services. If you're approved, you'll receive an email link within 1-2 business days of applying that will allow you to self-schedule and pay for your first coaching appointment.

Need more information? Visit our Pay-As-You-Go Coaching FAQ page.

We can help at any stage of a family law case

Pre-filing Phase

Before starting a family law case, you may need help making plans for physically separating yourself from your partner. You may have questions about whether you should move out of your marital home or whether you can move to a new residence with your children. If your partner has been abusive, your plan may also include getting a restraining order or taking other protective measures. Our experienced lawyers can help you understand this complicated time so you can make the best plan of action for yourself and your family. 

Beginning phase 

In the early phases of a family law case, you may need help finding court forms to start your case or you may want to hire a lawyer to prepare paperwork for you. Or, perhaps you have been served with divorce or custody papers and you aren't sure what to do next. We can help you understand your next steps and give you advice on the best course of action based on your individual circumstances. 

Middle Phase 

During the middle stages of a family law case, you may need to respond to requests for documents from the other party's lawyer, gather evidence for trial, get temporary court orders, or respond to other requests from the other party. Our team is available to help during this phase to make sure you are on track for a successful outcome in your case.

End phase 

In the final stages of a family law case, you may need to finalize a settlement agreement, or, if a settlement agreement could not be reached, prepare for trial. Our family law team can help you reach a fair resolution in your legal matter. Even if you are weeks away from your trial, it's not too late to reach out to us for help!

Post-Judgment Phase

After you finalize your case by getting a "judgment" you may experience new issues including a parent who won't pay child support or follow your parenting plan or a former spouse who refuses to pay spousal support or refuses to sell your home. We can help you understand and navigate the maze of enforcement options. 

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Free Family law legal guides

Learn how to do the most basic steps of your divorce or custody case yourself!