Family Law

Families are complicated, and family law can be too. Let us help you make it easier on you and your loved ones.

The Commons Law Center helps families transition to two households during a divorce. As families grow and circumstances change, the Commons also helps modify parenting time and custody. Our approach prioritizes conflict mitigation to make a difficult process a little easier.


Our team offers collaborative, compassionate legal support to help you through your divorce or dissolution. Click here to learn about our Divorce Response Unbundled Service.

Child Custody

Is the current custody and parenting time arrangement working for your child? If you think your child or children would be better served by a different custody or parenting time setup, please contact us to see if you qualify for sliding-scale legal services.


Change is the one thing we can count on. As your family and circumstances change, you may need to modify the terms of your divorce or dissolution. If you think a change to the status quo is in order, please contact us to see if we can help.