Our mission is to revolutionize access to basic legal services, education, and support for underserved Oregonians. In the process, we provide robust practical training for law students and new lawyers.

The Commons Law Center is a nonprofit law firm that provides sliding-scale legal services to modest means Oregonians, those who live below 400% of the federal poverty level. Our program serves to bridge the gap in services between those who qualify for legal aid services and those who can comfortably afford a private bar attorney. 

Our goal is for each of our legal services programs to be self-sustaining from earned fees, even at a vastly reduced rate. That way we can treat charitable donations like seed capital to stand-up new service offerings, build community partnerships, and create community education programs, which feed back into our legal service program. Using charitable gifts in this way protects the support our legal aid programs need to serve those most in need. 

Our team includes interwoven groups, working together to advance our mission to revolutionize access to basic legal services, information, and support. 

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Full-time Staff

From our Executive Director to staff attorneys to our support team, these are the people who support our mission on a career basis. We’re building a law practice that works smarter, not harder, and our team is constantly challenged and rewarded by the help we give to Oregonians in need.

Fellowes Puzzle

New Lawyer Fellows

We are looking for our first new lawyer fellow! The engine room of our team, fellows will progress through our competency levels over the course of three years. They are mentored by on-staff senior attorneys, pro bono partners, and each other. Our goal is for them to leave the program with the tools they need to have a fulfilling, sustainable legal career. 


Law Clerks

Law students working with us gain valuable experience in exchange for course credit (and may qualify for a stipend), all while playing an important part in helping our clients. Our clerks are active participants in the legal services we provide and are essential to supporting our mission.


Pro Bono Partners

Our pro bono partners are experienced attorneys who provide guidance and supervision to our fellows and team. They leverage their skills and expertise to expand our capabilities and ensure our clients get the highest quality legal work, typically without ever leaving their desk or talking to a client.