What are “marital assets” in Oregon?

Identify marital assets

When filing a Petition or Response during the divorce process, it is important to understand what your Marital Assets are. Marital Assets are a type of property which belongs to both you and your spouse under the law. When filing your Petition or Response, make sure to provide designations for all your marital assets.

In Oregon, when a couple decides to get divorced, they will need to decide what should happen with the assets that they acquired during their marriage.

Marital Assets include retirement accounts, pension plans, stocks and bonds, business interests, in addition to jointly titled cars, houses, bank accounts. Other valuable assets that are shared also fall under this category.  

Remember, you can find court forms for responding to a divorce on the Oregon Judicial Department website for free. 

What if the asset is only under my name?

It is possible for something to be a Marital Asset even if it is only under the name of one spouse. Most property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is presumed to be marital. Sometimes something bought by a spouse before the marriage which is improved upon during the marriage could also be considered marital property. The same principles apply to you and your spouse’s debts. 

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posted April 14, 2023

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