Has your spouse filed for divorce

If so, what you do now could
make all the difference in what happens next

Getting served with divorce papers may be the last thing you want - or need - in your life right now.

Unfortunately, the courts won't wait for you to be ready. You have a limited amount of time to respond to divorce papers in Oregon, and how you respond is critical to your legal success. 

Whether you're planning to go it alone or get a family lawyer on your side, you'll want to download our FREE CommonSense Legal Guide to Responding to Divorce Papers in Oregon.

Please note that we will send emails regarding family law services to the email address you provide. If you are worried that your spouse or another party may access those messages, or that receiving them would jeopardize your safety, please call us at 503-850-0811 for other ways to get your free legal guide.

In this CommonSense Legal Guide, we'll show you ...

How and where to get the legal help you deserve, including FREE and LOW COST legal options for those who qualify.

The best action you can take NOW that will set you up for better outcomes when you finally go to court.

The one item often MISSING from self-service response forms that you should add for best results.

What items and property to ask for in your legal response so you can get what's fair out of the divorce process.

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