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“This is your life; it will be your case; it should be done your way.”

Rogue Family Law: An entirely remote firm exclusively for self-represented or collaborative clients.

Family law cases cut as close to the bone as any case can: your children, home and financial security are on the line. Your life gets opened to lawyers, experts and judges you’ve never met; decisions are made for you by people who know little about who you are, where you’ve been and what matters to you most. The language, the rules and the procedures are new. The wait can be painful. And the costs can be devastating – emotionally as well as financially.

Your choices may seem limited to going into debt or going it alone. You may fear being sidelined from the process and the outcome. You may be overwhelmed, scared, hurt, angry or some combination of all. But in the words of Albert Einstein, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

We can help you find it by making sure you are informed, empowered and supported. Keep you voice and your choice.

Our Programs

Our programs provide affordable, responsive and flexible legal services for people representing themselves or using the collaborative divorce system.

  • Workshops: focused on the legal and procedural topics affecting your rights and responsibilities so you have the information, tools and support you need
  • Collaborative representation: for clients who have agreed to a Collaborative Law process with their spouse and need their own lawyer
  • Document services: that explain and streamline form filling so your paperwork does what you need it to do
  • One-on-one sessions: to give you extra help with strategies, tools and advice to reach your best outcome, all from the comfort of your own home


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posted March 27, 2022

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