Get Affordable Help from Licensed Attorneys When You Need it Most

Many legal cases don't need a lawyer for every piece of work. But a little professional help at the right time can make a big difference.

Our unbundled legal services allow you to get expert assistance for the complicated parts of your case, and save money by handling the easier parts on your own. We help you get your case started off right, then work with you to figure out where you can save money by doing some of the work yourself using our forms and templates.

Unbundled Legal:

How We're Bridging the Gap Between Affordability and Need

Thanks to generous donors, skilled law clerks, and a streamlined delivery process, we're able to give Oregon residents high quality, low cost legal support in the areas of family law, small business and nonprofits, and asset preservation.

Here's how it works:

Quickstart Session

Once you're qualified, you'll meet with one of our attorneys to go over your needs and develop an action plan. This can be in-person or via online video chat.

Document Preparation

We write up the legal documents you need to get started, then we help you make sure they get processed correctly and filed with the court if needed.

Guidance and Support

We coach you through the legal process, provide you with forms and templates, and review your work. If your case gets complicated, we can represent you in a hearing or trial.

*Subject to  qualification. Specific services will depend on your needs and our availability. Contact us for details.

Unbundled Benefits:

  • Legal education to get you started. Have basic questions about the law, your rights, and the process? We'll help you get informed.
  • A la carte legal help that fit your needs and your budget. Pay for each piece separately, keeping the costs predictable and affordable.
  • Real help from licensed attorneys with experience in the area we help. Our network includes experienced lawyers and passionate law clerks who are dedicated to access to justice and giving you quality representation. 
  • Full legal representation when you need it most. If you qualify and we're available, we can represent you in court for a lower fee.

"Extremely friendly and professional service who genuinely cared that I had all of my legal issues and questions taken care of and answered. Highly recommend."  - Joshua R., Clackamas

"Amanda at The Commons Law Center was an amazing partner in our legal matter. She was always very responsive, timely, friendly, and took all the time needed to explain things and make sure we were happy with the outcomes." - Kyle L., Portland

"Amanda called me on time and gave me the best advice. (She really listened and was friendly as well.) I very much appreciate the help and now know what I have to do next. So refreshing!" - Karen S., Gresham

Unbundled Legal Offerings

We're expanding our unbundled legal offerings all the time. Click below to explore our available programs.