Asset Preservation Program Director

The Commons Law Center seeks an experienced estate planning lawyer to mentor, guide, and supervise the legal work of our new lawyer fellows, clerks, and volunteers, and to help recruit and engage pro bono partners to grow the program’s impact for low-income Oregonians.

This is the Right Position for You If

  • You enjoy mentoring and know you could help teach new lawyers to be excellent service providers, respected by clients, opposing counsel or parties, courts, and the communities they serve;
  • Past assistants and associates would say you were a good boss;
  • You would like to, or already do, engage in the broader conversation about how to fundamentally alter the provision of legal services, or the legal system itself, so that it serves the public’s needs; and
  • Learning new things – including technologies – is a pleasure, not a chore.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Asset Preservation Program Director’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • Quality control and oversight of the client engagement process, including vetting scope of work, conflicts, qualifications, estimated cost, and identifying opportunities to apply unbundled or limited-scope engagements;
  • Legal guidance for fellows on estate planning and administration cases, including helping establish a timeline and workflow of the case, overall strategy, settlement strategy, and, if necessary, trial strategy;
  • Supervise and review all draft documents prior to client review and signing meetings;
  • Leverage the organization’s tech stack to optimize workflow and communications; and
  • Help manage earned revenue targets across direct legal service programs.


Requirements include an Oregon State Bar license in good standing and 10+ years experience.

Preferences are for cultural competency, including direct experience working with communities of color, and a demonstrated ability to build and grow teams.          

Reports to:                     Executive Director

Salary & Benefits:       Flexible and part-time schedule (pay equivalent to $55,000 FTE)

To Apply:                         Submit a cover letter and resume with the subject line “Asset Preservation Program Director” to